Samsung SCH-A950 Troubleshooting

When you press the power button, the phone does not turn on.

If your phone does not turn on, the battery may have lost charge. Let the phone charge for an extended period of time. Attempt to turn on the phone while it is still plugged in.

If your phone does not turn on after charging, the logic board may have failed and needs to be replaced. Follow the guide for replacing the logic board.

After charging the battery, the battery dies quickly.

It may be that your phone has a bad battery, if so, buy the battery. Use the guide to replace the battery.

When pressing a button, it is nonreactive.

The button(s) may not function due to dirt build-up between the button and its contact on the logic board. Use the guide to take apart and clean the buttons.

If you can see physical wear or damage to your button(s), the button(s) may be broken. Replace the keyboard using the repair guide.

The phone makes and receives calls, but the display is blank.

If the phone appears to function correctly but the display does not, the screen may be unplugged or broken inside the phone. Use the guide to take apart and check the display connection. If the connection appears to be intact, buy and replace the screen using the guide.

If the main display appears cracked or broken, it may need replacing. Follow the guide for replacing the main display.

The external display is blank, but the rest of the phone functions.

The screen may be damaged internally from impact or heat. Follow the guide for replacing the external display.

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