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Phone is turned on but will not respond to anything.

Remove the battery to force shut down the phone and put the battery back in and turn it on again.

No matter how you try, the phone just will not turn on.

There might be a problem with the battery. It either doesn't charge anymore, is out of battery, or the phone no longer recognizes it. Replacement might be necessary.

The phone is no longer receptive to the turn on button on the phone keypad. Replacement is necessary.

The charging indications do not appear when you plug in the adapter into the charging port..

The battery might not charge or the phone might not be able to recognize the battery.

Charging port might not be able to charge the battery anymore. Replacement will be necessary.

The adapter might have trouble receiving electricity from a wall port. There is either an issue with the adapter or there is no electricity coming from the wall port.

The phone is on, you're sure of it. Just nothing shows up.

If the phone still vibrates and makes sound but does not show anything when you turn on or turn off your phone, there is likely a problem with the phone display. It is possible that the screen might have trouble connecting to the rest of the hardware or is broken. Replacement of the screen or phone is likely unavoidable.

There is a crack in the screen or physical issues with the display.

The screen needs to be replaced.

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