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Sony Vaio PCG-981L

Floppy Drive won't read disk

If your floppy drive wont read the disk, first check the disk for damage and try another disk. If the problem is not the disk, then you may need to repair the floppy drive assembly.

First check if the "floppy drum" is spinning. To do this, turn computer on, insert disk into floppy drive and hold your ear to the bottom the computer and listen for spinning. If you don't hear spinning then need to repair the floppy disk drive assembly.

Read "Floppy Disk Drive Repair Guide".

Machine does not boot up

The first step is to restart your machine and wait to see what comes up on the screen. If that does not work, you might want to restart your computer to the factory settings, to do this you can either press and hold F11 until you see a blue screen with all the system settings. If the steps above don't help you fix the problem then you need to do something else. First,check if hardrive is working properly. It is easy to check whether the hardrive is working or not, by simply putting your hand on the hardrive and feel the motion of spinning. If any of the steps above don't help you, then you should restart your system using the factory setting's CD.

Replace CD drive

Because the complexity of the CD drive it is hard to manually fix it.The laser and all the small components attached to the CD drive break easily. Due to the complexity of this device, I would like to show you how to replace your old CD drive. For more information on this procedure, please refer to the CD drive replacement guidelines.

Machine keeps freezing

The first thing to do is to check if your computer's fan is clean. To clean your computer's fan simply use a q-tip and carefully clean it.If your computer keeps freezing and your fan is on all the time then you you may be experiencing overheating problems. If that is the case, you should take it to a professional because it is really hard to replace the heat sink and that may not even be the problem.

Battery problems

If your battery seems to die too fast on you make sure your charge it fully before unplugging the AC adapter also make sure all the cables are plugged in correctly. You should also make sure your computer is running on the desired settings for the battery usually this settings are found on the taskbar.

If your computer doesn't seem to turn on when unplugged and running only on a battery or if the battery dies too fast it might mean that it's time to replace the battery. Read Battery replacement guide.

Distorted of No Sound

If sound is distorted or there is no sound, check the volume control to make sure "mute" has not been selected. Then select Control Panel under the Start Menu and initiate a sound check or check the different hardware listed. Make sure default speakers are selected. Reboot. If problem persists, have the Sound Board analyzed or replace speakers.

Bad/Unresponsive Keyboard

Reboot computer. If problem persists, check cable link from keyboard to mother board. Reboot. If keyboard remains faulty, replace.

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