The washing machine gives a flashing beeping DE error that the door (top loader) is still open while this is not the case. The small magnet has broken/fallen off. Attach a new magnet to the door (top loader) that will trigger that the door is now closed.

This guide will tell you how to replace a lost magnet (that triggers the cpu of the washing machine that the top loader lid is closed). Without this little magnet the the washing machine does not know it is safe to wash because it will think the lid on top is still open.

Required tools:

  • Magnet
  • Duct tape
Block Image

When the small magnet breaks out of its casing (just below front part of lid) the washing machine will stop working and give a flashing DE error code. The reason for this is safety (child proof). The only way to fix this is by taking the same magnet or a stronger one and attaching the magnet to the lid.

This modern kind of top loader washing machines (2009+) do not seem to use a latch to close the door at the top, but rather a magnet to signal the door is closed. This magnet is at the front of the lid. When the magnet breaks off there is an indicator that the door is still open (which in fact it is not)

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I Had the same problem with my LG Fully automatic washing machine


found the magnet stuck to the wall of washing chamber.

Fixed it

My machine working perfectly fine now..

Thanks a ton...!!!

Manas Mishra - Ответить

hi to you,

I am Sean Silva from Sri Lanka and this web page resolved my issue and am very grateful .

sean Silva -

Its great, I am facing the similar but not the same problem, even the magnet is there, it is giving the beep signal showing door is open, it appears the switch is faulty, is there any thing i can do about it.

S Kumar -

woahhhh.. its working!!!

thanks.. no need to buy the new one.. :P

Nor Khalida Abd Kadir -

The magnet needs to be of suitable strength for the solution to work. :-)

Previously have tried button magnets and fridge magnets (to the extent of using single/multiple of them to boost the strength) but they were too weak to work.

Henry -

How did u fix it? And where did you put the magnet?

Amos -

thanks so much ,had the same problem

Josh -

awesomeeeee!!!! fixed it and works perfectly fine now! thx man!

Chan - Ответить

How it possibly plz share

Brajendra Pandey -

Where to buy the magnetic in singapore ? we facing this problem.thks

snow - Ответить

Hi...luckily i bought this washing machine!LG are always my fav brand.

Facing door problem just and tadaaaa there is trouble shooting & we follow the instruction step by step.

THANK GOD its working & the precious magnet stuck in the washing tub!

Thanks LG for making my life is good :D

Eka, October 17

Noreeka - Ответить

Found the magnet was broken,,luckily i have my magnetic memo stick on my ref lol.. I'll replaced it and fixed the problem fantastic ..Thanks for some tips any strong magnet can use it Awesome...


from philippines

andy - Ответить

Thank you very much. This helped resolve the de error on my washing machine WF-T-7516HN.


Nikhil - Ответить

Hi there. I've got the same problem. My LG model is WF-SP800v. May I know where to attach the magnet? I followed your instruction but it doesn't work. Appreciate your hep

dmornie83 - Ответить

I too face the same problem. Where I can buy the magnet in Singapore? From LG or any local shops?

Karthik - Ответить

Hi all, I bought the magnet from LG spare parts @ 991D Alexandra road. It costs S$3+ and now the washing machine works perfect. Thanks.

Karthik - Ответить

I have this same type of LG W/M but the fault with mine is that it does not drain the water after each session of wash. I have to manually bring down the waste hose for the next session of the wash to continue.

Can I get help on how to fix it?

nicarta - Ответить

Found the magnet inside of the washing machine. Thanks!!!!

We are in Costa Rica, a technician was about to charge us $200.00 to order and install a new door!!

Great Forum!!!

Raul Moreno - Ответить

Hey its great it worked...


harshagsree - Ответить

I tried taping a small fridge magnet to the location where it would sense it, without success; I tried another, slightly bigger, fridge magnet and that didn't work either. Finally I tried an even larger fridge magnet and it worked! Hurrah! Thank you so much

Shari Jayasekara Adaman - Ответить

Thanks!it works

sujata Pandey, Ghaziabad, India

Sujata Pandey - Ответить

Arrived home last night at 20.30 hrs. Madam tried to start washing machine. de error on the screen. Was not pleased! I pulled the top cover off to see if I could find the limit switch. No luck. went on the Internet and found your article. Went to work at 22.30 hrs and obtain a magnet. Set the magnet on the door cover and the machine operated perfectly.

Have now order a new magnet and 2 springs for the cover. Expect delivery on Thursday.

Your article was written in simple, easy to understand terms.


Bill Child, Australia

Bill Child - Ответить

Although the lid is closed and the magnet attached to the lid is intact, the door open error message (dE) is displayed and the machine (LG fuzzy logic model no. T6515TDPT01) stops working after taking two /three turns in washing mode. I seek help from you guys to fix the problem. Thanks

Immi - Ответить

I have the same problem. Changed the capacitor but problem still there... anyone please help!!!


Fuzzy Logic 8.5 (WF-T8517TC)

limkh6868 -

Please help - nobody seems to know the problem. My two-year old LG top loader (14kg) displays an '8' and a small red 'm'. please advise


marietteslabbert10 - Ответить

Its totally works!!!thank you masta!

lonelyboylfc92 - Ответить

Can you please help me about my top load washing machinethe problem is about the switch, actually I replaced the capacitor but eventually if you turn it on,its directly turn the wash spinner, without setting the other function in other words its malfunctioning do you have an idea about it,,please help me

geffriecardenas - Ответить

Please help regarding 6.5kg lg washing machine fully Automatic ..Defective (After two or three revolution ) DE error code come. please show me how to replace it.

Remembers in life

Siddiq Ullah - Ответить

Same prob, any idea?

Maran Siddharthan -

My magnet was broken and have replaced it so now machine works but timer wont count down therefore will not change cycles? Any help please?

kerrybissaker - Ответить

Was struggling from 2 hours on finding a fix... Finally got it... It worked... Thank you so much..... Appreciate the great work...

varghesejayson - Ответить

Great help. Almost bought a new one out of desperation. Found this fix, remove a magnet from my handy light and am washing my washload now. To think that i manually washed a washload this morning.. Thanks a ton...

Sam Soul - Ответить

Thanks so much! I found n fixed the magnet n gbam! I'm so happy right now.... have been dreading d pile of my kids clothes!

alanikead - Ответить

Thank you. This helped.

sjyosna - Ответить

How can i see that magnet, And where can i get it please buy

Prosper Kohie - Ответить

DE error is what? Please

Prosper Kohie -

Where can i get it buy

Prosper Kohie -

I have some problems.. my lg washing machine display PE.. how i want to fix??

azezol17 - Ответить

i have the exact washer.i want to know where exactly do u put the magnet on the lid.there is a small rubber thing and rectangle like metal thing so where do i fit the magnet

Ashleigh Mak - Ответить

This is awesome!!! thanks for the tip! very clever :)

arvidudel - Ответить

Thanks a lot!!

saved me Money:-)

abdul1bt - Ответить

I had a problem with my LG- intello wash . During its operations the noise level is too irritating . What I should do to reduce the noise level? Please help me out

Vinit Chaudhari - Ответить

This is in Singapore.

In my case I went to the hardware store and buy Super magnets. I chose button ones cos there are small. Tape them to the receiving end (not the cover) of the washing machine so it's closer to the sensor. You should be able to fix two buttons on top of each other and still be able to close the cover.

niapster - Ответить

Pls what happens when my LG turbodrum 6.5kg is installed and the clothes loaded but the hot and wash lights are blinking but not washing

whyseyi - Ответить

thank you,i just fix it,really helpful alot

thank you .

jack - Ответить

I have a 7.5KG top loader which would not work (dreaded PE error). After searching the internet I realised it was the lid magnet mechanism that had failed. Adding a really strong magnet to the area where the lid magnet operated had no effect. I removed the display panel and the PCB assy where I identified the reed switch which was not working. I cut away the plastic holding the reed switch and broke open the glass revealing the two terminals which I soldered together, problem fixed machine working fine without the lid switch.

rs250a - Ответить

Previous post should have been de error.

rs250a - Ответить

Hi.. my machine is giving DE error.. i checked and the magnet in the door is still there. Tried to replace tht magnet with new one but old magnet is not coming out... wht to do??

Neelima - Ответить

wow it's working. Thanks . Fixed it temporarily. Can you suggest how to fix it permanently and which side to stick. Great help.

anushajim - Ответить

Brilliant! Thanks for the help. Found our magnet on the inside of the drum. It was difficult to find where the magnet was supposed to be. (WFT556 has it slightly off centred to the right at the front of the lid, the magnet slides up under the plastic clip). Once you've worked out where it goes, if you can't secure it back where it was before, tape a 10x5mm magnet to the machine itself so the safety feature is no longer active.

suemcguire9 - Ответить

so far so good...popped a name tag badge backing inside lid, Thanks heaps. hopefully will find original magnet in wash.

Melissa Evans - Ответить

Thanks for this knowledge... It works perfectly... Thanks again guys... Genius!!!!!

don2xironman - Ответить

Wow!!! I am so surprised I could even find this answer when I encountered exactly the same problem!!! Well done!!

Yi Lu - Ответить

omg.. this prob was driving me crazy. read this article, learnt it was a broken or missing magnet.. searched for all of 2 mins maybe and found the magnet on the ground.. Put back in place and viola .... machine is washing like its new. lol.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

missxzafa - Ответить

Thank you it's very good keep it up

shyjal narikkoth - Ответить

Hi my LG Turbo drum top load full with water, Water did not come out. So how to do it? What the problem?

SoMaly Phuon - Ответить

Thank you, this resolved the problem. I'm so relieved

m_panormo - Ответить

hello, i have a lg wfs1134et washing machine.

when i start a washing process it fills water, then starts the wash. after it finish washing it drains the water. when it needs to rinse the clothes it cant fill water there is a zooming noise coming

intelinsidecorei560 - Ответить

Thanks! I retrieved the magnet and voila! It's working :)

Lucy - Ответить

Don't wonne start everything is on but only do wonne start

Albert kromoredjo - Ответить

I bought a new lid for my LG Fuzzy, but dont know how to take of the old one and replace it with the new lid.

Annalize Thiart - Ответить

Hi, im having the same problem of de error, ive tried the reset process but its not working, and the doors resolution fix i dont understand, please

nonozana -

Thank you so much for this guidance. With the door error I could figure out my self that the machine is not able to recognise that the door is closed but couldn't figure out how does the interlock system work and how does the machine get the signal that the door is closed. I could fix the problem now by just buying a small magnet worth rs 10 which I got at a local hardware shop. Thanks once again for your guidance.

Kunal - Ответить

My LG top load washer m/ WT5680HWA control panel lights up but keeps giving me CL. response. I'm not able to start washer. Is there a way to see what the magnet looks like or where to purchase one? ( if this is the problem ) - Ответить

Magnet helped but now again DE error surfaced. No amount of magnets seem to help. I need help

Patrick Tan - Ответить

DE error surfaced again. No amount of magnets helped.

Anyone any other clue or solution?


Patrick Tan - Ответить

Could it be the strength of the magnet (too weak to be detected) or the position of the magnet? Might want to check that. I retrieved the fallen magnet, tape it up and stuck it back in its original holder. And it works. But I suspect it's a matter of time before I need to replace the tape again.

David Oon -

Hi there I have a LG +3punch wf-561spp. The problem is ,when it on spin cycle ,it drains the water but doesnt complete the cycle. It goes back to 14 minutes an fills water again. And begin to wash again. Please help . got this machine for 18 years and it never let me down. Thanks

shanaidoo - Ответить

A GREAT BIG THANKS! I managed to solve my LG top loader problem with your help! It as flashing dE and as you shared, indeed the magnet had dropped out due to wear and tear. You have saved me $$$! Thank you so much! - DavidO

David Oon - Ответить

This is so real, and the thought of having it fixed by a handy man for so much more just evaporated. Got my washing machine working upto speed again.

Thanks for this information!!

Francis O - Ответить

I have a 8,5kg LG top load washing machine which is giving me a PE error code. Any suggestions how to overcome this problem?

Joaquim Roque - Ответить

PE means you have a faulty level sensor. The system can not calculate the water level. It will block the operation the moment the power is switched on. If you remove the back cover then you will see a small hose connected to the side of the drum going up into the level sensor. It works with the air compressing in the tube when the water rises pushing against a diaphragm .

Gert Petzer -

How do I replace that magnet

Amos - Ответить

Hey it's working. Thank you so much.. saved lot of money..

rajkumar_1980 - Ответить

How do i replace the magnet?

Joana D Belarmino - Ответить

My washer cannot stop fetching water even though I have program d desired quantity to be fetched, it cannot wash or rinse but can only spin

Joy Ezechiogbe - Ответить

try the pressure sensor or the tube that connects from the pressure sensor to the tub. I should be connected to something at both ends and not have any holes. Failing that, a control board.

bbulkin -

We have the same thing. Were u able to fix it?

Zenia Mcquitk -

Hi,where can I find door sensor for LG wt-h950 and how can I fix the error dE in the screen.


safa alfalahi - Ответить

Thanks very much it worked for me used a piece of magnet off an old box speaker. Like a charm. Save me some big bucks.

alexander mccarthy - Ответить

You have to gently lift the outer part of the lid cover and slide under a piece of magnet And wala ! Hope this helps

alexander mccarthy - Ответить

Thanks Buddy, It worked,

Sanjay Arora - Ответить

Thanks it worked was about to change my washing machine

Pascale Bigaunah - Ответить

WF N6866DN automatic washing Machine seqence not start after water filled only beep beep sound comes than machine stopped

Ashubariya - Ответить

My magnet was broken .Any help please?

Brajendra pandey

Brajendra Pandey - Ответить

My magnet was broken . Any help please?

Brajendra Pandey - Ответить

Hi while washing cloth machine shows de error code in between it works for 10 mintues but after that it shows error code. I am using whirphool fully automatic top loaded machine. Please suggest and how to reslove this errror

My emaik.

Onkar singh - Ответить

Had the DE error come up on my LG Fuzzy top loader. stuck a door magnet on top with some sports strapping tape as shown above and it is now working - thanks

Sandy - Ответить

Hi, my washing machine has no indication at all upon plug in, it seams there is no dc power . Can u send me the electronics circuit diagram no. EBR740676 LGE DB120718 L/S 657E PLS.

Meliado Elbo - Ответить

Thanks! I found the magnet stuck to the drum, and put it back with some tape. It works! However, the magnet is rusty and about to disintegrate. I need to get a new one.

SDR - Ответить

We have a fuzzy logic 14.0kg T1450teft and at first on water level 5 it would keep running. Now tonight even level 1 keeps running and the washing machine now wont wash… how do we fix this?

Zenia Mcquitk - Ответить

Our washer looks like it has a little latch under the lid. Tried doing a load and paused it while it was filling with water so I could add a couple more items and when I closed the lid again it locked and then said “de”

it sounds like it’s trying to work (making clicking noises) but it’s not unlocking. Tried to unplug option but I’ll have to try this way when I get home… all of my work clothes are stuck in the washer in the meantime!! I had to go out and buy new outfits for the entire week because the soonest LG support could send someone out was today (washer broke on Monday)

Jennifer Martindale - Ответить

Kindly please tell me the weight of the washing model T1003TEFT1 can wash

if anyone knows

john.bosc - Ответить

Kindly someone tell me

washing machine model T1003TEFT1

what weight can it wash?

if anyone knows?

john.bosc - Ответить

It’s an LG make

john.bosc - Ответить

Hi, I am Michael from Nigeria. Could anyone tell me how to remove the child lock from LG turbo drum 6.5kg washing machine?

Michael Akindele - Ответить

Yaayyy!!! Found the magnet fallen from the soap dispenser drawer on my front loader. No water would fill the machine. Finally found where it had fallen from and replaced as per these instructions. Wow! Works like a charm! I'm soooo happy! Thank you!

Nina Korte - Ответить

Thank you for the TIPS! My 12 years old LG washing wachine is now back on duty. Savvy!

zul fahdli - Ответить

all well but how and where do you stick magnet - inside lid facing down / on top facing down please help

Cindy du Preez - Ответить

help please - have the same problem with magnet that broke off.  got new magnet how do I stick it on the lid and where -

Cindy du Preez - Ответить

I have a fuzzy logic 15kg wf-t1570 I see where a magnet would have been and looks like I am getting aOE flashing light but it will not discharge water no rinse/spin do I have a magnetic switch

guy williams - Ответить

THANKYOU SO MUCH! this is very useful advice! Even though we didnt have the same model that is displayed , THIS ADVICE WORKED! the trick is to find the little magnet that fell out of place—try looking for it in the washing machine, May be attached to the walls as its magnetic.

THEN, the tricky part is finding where this magnet belongs! This magnet is used to help the machine detect that the lid is closed. My machine showed up with a E2 error message ( meaning lid is not closed) . THE compartment for this piece of metal( magnet) was tucked in a little gap beneath the lid door on the left hand side for me, so hidden! Goodluck and thankyou!

Machine: Haier HWT60FVW2

Ally L - Ответить

My LG WF-T700 was facing a dE error problem (door open) and started beep beep beep beep sound even the door is closed. The manual book isn’t help me to solve the problem. I told my wife, tomorrow we’ll get a new one to replace it. But now, i have save a thousand dollar after i got your great information and finally it help me to the door error problem with only a piece of magnet has dropped. Thank you so much for your great information and helped me save a thousand dollar.

Great. Thank you.

Jack - Ответить

Thanks a lot! It's working now… Really appreciate it.

Raj - Ответить

Thanks for the sharing. Solved my problem.

Stroyan Diog - Ответить

Error code dE solved with small magnet from my kid’s toy. You saved my days. Thank you very much.

Okkar - Ответить

where can buy that suitable magnet for top loading LG washing machine in saudi arabia?thanks in advance for the answer hope somebody can see my comment to fix my machine

Melody - Ответить

Is this the same for front loads?

Dorothy joned - Ответить

I s this the same for front load

Dorothy joned - Ответить

Hi.please LG Top loader AUto machine seems to have lost can't wash but continously pour in water...please help

Patricia - Ответить

How to fix magnet in lg fuzzy logic 6.2kg WF-T7239UL,and to fix it to keep the door closed to run the washing machine

geetha kalivani antoney - Ответить

Thanks for tip. I found the magnet in the tub and fixed it to lid. Now it works perfectly.

really grateful for information.

shahabuddinalikhan - Ответить

Ohh thank you so much !! Just fixed mine with the magnet duct tape - I can’t believe it was so easy. Very grateful. Non technical grandmother who now feels amazingly good.

sarahlulufaith - Ответить

my lg fuzzy logic washing machine lets in the water runs and then suddenly it makes a beeping sound and then switches of

kevin - Ответить

It actually worked!… I never trusted the internet until now.. Thanks to you…

lexonline - Ответить

Thank you so much,, great thing to know

mafel_irada - Ответить

Even i had same problem and found megnet in drum. Is their any other options to remove permanent child lock system

jdeepa.jhitri - Ответить

Work. Perfect on my LG. I double tape magnet at the machine, not Lid. And now can open-close Lid whenever

bayuhimawanfauzi - Ответить

How do I get d magnet?

Rosydarl - Ответить

I had same problem. Found the magnet and fixed it as per your advice. Machine now working Perfectly well. Thank you very much!

moses.karitu - Ответить

Thank you for this useful info..i saw the magnet stuck at the corner of the bowl and i thought it musy be from the pocket of my nephews pants..but luckily i didn’t throw it away.After a few minutes i search for the code ED and its exactly that same magnet.i pray to God for giving me wisdom to fix our machine and i did.. fixed it back with the same magnet and its now working perfectly.I thank God and the team for the useful info…

saliceniqalo - Ответить

I have LG Top loader washing machine LG FUZZY Logic WF-S5607PHT. Its circuit part not working . I want to replace this part (main electric board), but its not available in Sri lanka. please help us to purchase this part . Where can purchase, how to order proceeder, etc

Keerthi Marasinghe - Ответить

omg!it worked!having the same problem and i just put the magnet from fridge and now i can use my washing machine!!thank you so much!this is so helpful!

lyn_sphinx - Ответить

Hii am murtala please I lost my cover it showing me delay signals how am I going to use it without the cover please

umurtala44 - Ответить

Please how can I use the washing machine without the cover I try is showing me delay signals it will pump the water to the level and turn 2 or 3 times and stop then delay signal will start

umurtala44 - Ответить

The air conditioner can be operated for a period by Integrated with an inverter “variable speed. twin tub washing machine kg Hass LG Samsung Panasonic

shaikhmsky - Ответить

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