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The washing machine gives a flashing beeping DE error that the door (top loader) is still open while this is not the case. The small magnet has broken/fallen off. Attach a new magnet to the door (top loader) that will trigger that the door is now closed.

This guide will tell you how to replace a lost magnet (that triggers the cpu of the washing machine that the top loader lid is closed). Without this little magnet the the washing machine does not know it is safe to wash because it will think the lid on top is still open.

Required tools:

  • Magnet
  • Duct tape
Block Image

When the small magnet breaks out of its casing (just below front part of lid) the washing machine will stop working and give a flashing DE error code. The reason for this is safety (child proof). The only way to fix this is by taking the same magnet or a stronger one and attaching the magnet to the lid.

This modern kind of top loader washing machines (2009+) do not seem to use a latch to close the door at the top, but rather a magnet to signal the door is closed. This magnet is at the front of the lid. When the magnet breaks off there is an indicator that the door is still open (which in fact it is not)

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I Had the same problem with my LG Fully automatic washing machine


found the magnet stuck to the wall of washing chamber.

Fixed it

My machine working perfectly fine now..

Thanks a ton...!!!

Manas Mishra - Ответить

hi to you,

I am Sean Silva from Sri Lanka and this web page resolved my issue and am very grateful . jsmksilva@gmail.com

sean Silva -

Its great, I am facing the similar but not the same problem, even the magnet is there, it is giving the beep signal showing door is open, it appears the switch is faulty, is there any thing i can do about it.

S Kumar -

woahhhh.. its working!!!

thanks.. no need to buy the new one.. :P

Nor Khalida Abd Kadir -

The magnet needs to be of suitable strength for the solution to work. :-)

Previously have tried button magnets and fridge magnets (to the extent of using single/multiple of them to boost the strength) but they were too weak to work.

Henry -

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