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This device has no internal battery. Check to make sure you are plugged into an outlet that is providing power. If you are unsure if the power outlet is working either check with another device you know works, or using a voltmeter check to see if the outlet is producing power.

One of three things has occurred:

  1. Your LCD monitor is no longer working. In order to fix this, refer to this guide on replacing your monitor.
  2. The connections within the device have come loose. If this appears to be the case, use this guide as a reference while you disassemble the monitor to check for loose connections.
  3. If neither of the above two solutions does the trick, one of the boards on your device (either your input-output board, logic board or power board) is no longer operational and therefore needs replacing.

Check to make sure that the buttons are not simply misaligned. If they are, attempt to jiggle them back into place. If this does not appear to work, the buttons may be broken. Refer to this guide for help with replacing the buttons.

Check to make sure the volume button is working. If it isn't, you will need to replace the Input/Output board. Either that or your speaker is blown and you should follow this guide to replace your speaker.

If your case is cracked you can follow this guide to replace the parts of your case.

If you're experiencing either of these errors, refer to this guide for help with replacing your screen.

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