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Your phone will not power up.

Before assuming the worse, try charging the battery. Plug the charger into a working wall outlet and then attach it to the phone. If the phone doesn't turn on immediately, wait several minutes as the battery may not have enough power to register it is charging.

Over time, especially from heavy use and improper charging habits (such as not depleting the battery before charging phone), batteries will wear out. The battery for the phone is a SCP-30LBPS 3.7V, and can be purchased online.

Your phone may be powering-up just fine, but you cannot tell because the displays are only showing you a black screen. To fix this problem, see section below entitled: "Displays are not Working".

The Displays on your phone are black or are displaying something they are not supposed to show.

The power button needs to be held firmly down for the phone to actually turn on. Hold the red END button for three seconds to turn the phone on.

The phone may be trying to accomplish too many things at once, so now it doesn't know what to do. If this happens, try powering the phone down and back up again. First, try holding the END button for a couple seconds. If the phone shows no sign of shutting down, carefully remove the battery to force it to power down.

There is a small, rubber button to the top-left of the Menu/OK key. There is likely something jamming this button down, which is telling the phone that it’s flipped shut. This can be fixed by gently removing whatever is holding this button down such as grime, dirt or other debris.

Even if you didn't drop it into the sink or toilet, phones can become damaged by rain or sitting in a damp pocket or bag. To dry your phone out, follow these steps listed at following website:

You have a bunch of missed calls and texts, but you didn't hear the phone ring.

Either the phone’s volume was turned down or some buttons got hit while in your bag, but this is an easy fix. The first way to remedy this issue is to click the Up Arrow on the side of the phone a couple times. Click repeatedly for higher volume.

If for some reason this doesn't work, access your phone's Maine Menu and go to Settings. Then go to Sounds > Ring Type> and set the ringer to something other than None within the various screens available.

While most phones’ vibrations are strong enough to hear, in a crowded bag or room it can be missed. Again, try clicking the Up Arrow on the side of the phone a couple times.

The audio on a Picture Mail video goes through the earpiece, when you want it to go through the phone speakers.

Sanyo offers a software update that corrects this problem with the phone. The phone needs to be version 1.007XP or greater, and you can check and update you phone by doing the following instructions:

From the Home screen, use the Menu/OK key to:

  1. Select the Main Menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Phone Info
  4. Select Version

Software Version will be listed in the format 1.XXXXP

From the Home screen, use the Menu/OK key to:

  1. Select the Main Menu
  2. Select Tools
  3. Select Update Firmware
  4. The "Checking for firmware update" message will appear
  5. Once the update is downloaded, you will be asked to install it.

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