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VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect Troubleshooting

1.3 Megapixel camera with 4X digital zoom and 128 MB internal storage

Camera Will Not Turn On

"Camera display won’t turn on after the power button is pressed."

Low batteries

Check and make sure the batteries are aligned correctly. This camera requires four AA batteries. There are two cartridges which each hold two AA batteries. Each cartridge has a diagram for the correct alignment of the batteries on one side (image here). If the camera comes on, even for a short time, and then turns off again the batteries you are using may be low and need to be changed. Replace with new batteries and try again. If the camera still doesn't remain on, the problem may be a loose battery cartridge.

Loose battery cartridge

If the camera doesn't turn on after inserting new batteries the problem may be a loose battery cartridge. Often times the retaining clip may not be fully engaged or it may be broken, image of the retaining clip (here). Give the cartridge a push up to engage the clip. If the clip is still not functioning correctly, here is a guide for replacing the retaining clip. (replacing retaining clip).

Replace contacts for battery wires

If the camera still does not turn on the problem may be a faulty power connection. The solder weld may have failed, to fix this problem (follow this guide).

Photos are Blurry or Out of Focus

"Photos on display are out of focus, look blurry or smudged."

Dirty or cracked camera Lens

Wipe the front of the camera lens (image here) with a soft cloth and check to make sure it is free of dirt and grime. If there are cracks or damage to the lens itself, here is a (replacement guide).

Unresponsive Buttons

"Buttons stick or nothing happens when they are pressed."

Navigation pad and buttons are sticking/not working

If the navigation pad or buttons are not working check for dirt and grime build up around their base. If this is the issue used compressed air or a Q-tip to remove the buildup. If buttons continue to stick the issue may need to be addressed from the inside by opening the device, refer to (this guide here). When the device is open test the connections for each button with the camera on (image here). If there is no response the circuit board may need replaced (guide here).

Display Not Turning On

"Display is not turning on or is damaged/broken."

The LCD display will not turn on

If display does not turn on try replacing the batteries with new ones. If the display is damaged or broken then the display may need to be replaced (this guide).

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Where can I get the guide for fixing "camera will not turn on". Links not working...


mick822 - Ответить

Been having issues with the camera I have sometimes the buttons work and sometimes they do nothing just the home button works as well as the volume. And ever so often it does this and then they go back to working the battery’s have been replaced (this happened both on low battery’s and newer battery’s)

Kyle - Ответить

I tried replacing the batteries and nothing worked when i pressed the power button. What do i do? and where is the solder weld?

Emma /Unitato/ErmaDaEmu - Ответить

I have an issue. The camera will turn on and work just fine, but when I click on the video or photo icons, the display freezes and stops working (until I click the home button). If I click the playback button, everything stops working and all the buttons are unresponsive. The only way I could turn off the camera was by removing the batteries. The special effects works, however, the games do not. This is an old model and it has been left out in the garage for a long time, which might contribute to the problems. Should I get a new camera or is it possible to fix this one?

Anonymous Loveletters - Ответить

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