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Why does wifi stop working after 12.3.1 update?


We have had about 15 ipad mini 4s completely lose wifi functionality after being updated to the newest OS. In every single case, wifi functioned normally until after the update. some of them were updating from 11.x to 12.3 or 12.3.1, some were going from 12.2 to 12.3 or 12.3.1. The switch in settings for wifi is greyed out and cannot be flipped, and no wifi signals are detected during setup stages (there are routinely 4-6 access points or signals found on any given device in our building).  It is absolutely without a doubt NOT a problem with our wifi, as it only happens in these devices, and only after they are updated to 12.3 and above.

Has anyone else seen this or have a solution other then the obvious “reset network settings” or “erase all settings” or restoring.  This has not remedied the issue, and all antennas are properly connected.


iPad mini 4 LTE