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Released Apr 2008. 7MP camera with 3X Optical Zoom.

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Why my LCD screen stays blank.

My Kodak C713 LCD screen remains blank. The camera does record pictures (I've checked using a card reader). I have tried all buttons and functions and am using new AA batteries. What can I do?

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phil, if the camera functions without difficulty otherwise, I would think that the best start would be to replace the LCD. It is possible that the backlight on the LCD is no longer functioning.

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how do u replace the light


Della Howard, what light?


I have a similar problem, I can see the backlight turned on but the image on the screen is very low, when turned on it shows a little and as the seconds go by the image becomes progressively lower and lower. The camera seems to work fine with the other functions.


@mrcroket same as in the original answer. This could be an LCD issue as well as a DC-DC board issue. Start with the easier fix which is the LCD and then re-evaluate.


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