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How to change the Rear Window Wiper blade on a Saturn Vue

I want to change the rear window wiper blade but I see no way of disconnecting it to accomplish my task.

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Tim Wiza, here is what I got:"

1) remove the plastic cover at the base of the arm.

2) lift the arm up as far as it will pivot.

3) grab the blade at the center and pull it away from the arm.

It is a snap fit into the arm at the pivot point. There are no hidden levers or release buttons to worry about." Some people find it easier to remove the whole wiper arm. Here is a bit more of a visual assistance. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks appreciate it


I'm looking to purchase 1 rear wiper blade for a 2000 Saturn Vue XE


Hi @jjacobs

Are you sure about the model year? Saturn Vue was first released in 2002.


In case it was a typo and you have the 2008-2010 model (the XE model was released in 2008) here is a link



This was helpful, thanks a lot!


Unfortunately, when I tried this, a piece of plastic that holds the wiper blade in, snapped off. Now I have to replace the entire arm. $$$$ So frustrating.


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Also it depends on the year of your VUE. Some models the wiper assembly just snaps out.

In other model years The wiper arm uses a reverse J to attach to the wiper blade.

For the reverse J: pull the arm of the wiper away from the glass. as you twist the wiper blade you will see the underside of the J arm. the bottom of the J is pushed up through the wiper blade assembly and a plastic retainer can be removed. once removed the blade comes off.

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