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The Vectrex is a vector based video game console that was developed by Western Technologies/Smith Engineering in 1982.

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Why is the picture is off-center and distorted?

Hello. I have had a vectrex for a few months, and so-far, it works perfectly except for one thing. The picture is about 1.5 cm too far down and 0.1-2 cm to far to the left. I am giving you a range of length, because the picture seems to be a little tilted. Near the bottom, the only problem is that it is too far down, but at the top, it's almost an inch too far to the left. another problem is that some of the lines don't meet up where thay should. The edges of the lines either make an x or don't meet up at all in some places wher they shouldmake a clean corner. I am ok with this flaw when I'm playing games without the overlay, but it really bothers me when games like Spinball, or Armor Attack don't line up with the overlay at all. If anyone knows an easy way to fix this, please tell me. Thank you

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nathanab97, check all the caps on your logic board. If those check out, it may be necessary to recenter the picture. You can try to adjust the X-axis and the Y-axis via the to potentiometer marked R333 for the Y-rate offset and R335 for the X-rate offset. Please remember that you are dealing with a CRT and that there are voltages that can seriously hurt you. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I was having this issue & it was due to the horizontal setting being slightly off to the left. The image is being bounced off of the side of the tube & causing weird video artifacting on the left side, especially with the test cart's test pattern #3, if you have that & know what I am talking about. If not, no matter! This is just something you can try.

Here's what fixed (most of it):

See the attached diagram of the power board. You do not have to dismount it. There is a hole from its underbelly that allows you to insert a screwdriver. Do so & slowly turn it one way or the other to horizontally shift the image.

I am still having a bit of an artifacting issue but that fixed a lot of it. Hope that helps!

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