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Why it is not printing, nor scanning?

The CANON PIXMA MP280 panel displays "P07" error, but the computer which connects it, does not inform of any disfunction

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Eric, your printer needs to reset its ink counter. Step 1: Entering Service Mode

While the printer is OFF, press and hold the Start/Stop button (Resume/Cancel in some other models).

While holding the Start/Stop button, press and hold the POWER button.

When the POWER LED (green light) lit, release the Start/Stop button (still holding the POWER button).

Press the Start/Stop button TWICE (still holding the POWER button)

Release the POWER button.

Wait for the LCD to display "0? (zero).

Step 2: Using Resetter / Software Download Ressetter from here.

Run "service_tool.exe".

Confirm detected USB-port numbers on USB port column.

Click "Main button" on Clear ink counter section. Make sure there is paper in the paper feed because the printer will print after the process is complete.

Click "platen button" on the "Clear ink counter" section. The printer will print again. Turn off the printer and then turn the printer on.

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