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How easy is it to replace the battery in the Logitech Harmony Touch?

The Logitech Harmony Touch has a non-replaceable battery. It was released without a replaceable battery. How easy is it to replace yourself? I don't want to be spending $250 every 2-3 years on a new remote if it lasts that long. Considering the long running problems with Harmony & the battery problems on Harmony One, Harmony 900 what was Logitech thinking?

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Anonymous, all this is for now, give it a couple of weeks and I am sure that the battery will become available. To replace it, I woul just follow what Logitech is suggesting for battery disposal at the products end of life:" Harmony Touch battery isn't replaceable and you should only remove it when you dispose of the remote.

Open the USB door and remove the label.

Remove the screw.

Carefully separate the top of the case from the bottom.

Remove the four screws that secure the battery holder.

Unplug the battery connector.

Remove the battery holder and then take the battery out of the holder." So it is removable, hence replaceable. Hope this helps, good luck.

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They say that replacement batteries are "not available" so that your next purchase in a few years will be about $250 rather than $30. There are replacement batteries available for the Logitech Harmony Touch remote. Here is one for about $10 + shipping:

Harmony Touch Replacement Battery

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