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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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No LED light on charger - ANSWERED

My Macbook Air was water damaged. I let it dry for over a week, turned it on and it worked - except for few keys. I just used t in this mode for about 3 months. Just recently it began turning off if the charger / AC adaptor was unplugged. I replaced the upper tray (keyboard) and that fixed the bad keys. However now the charger doesn't show a green light (not charging). Thinking it was the I/O board I replaced it. That didn't help. I also tried the SMC reset procedure to no avail.

I'm wondering if it could be the I/O flex cable. I've checked and double checked my connctions and everything looks good as far as I can tell.

Could it be a bad battery? The battery indicator shows it has about 47% left. Before, when it would turn off if unplugged, the battery showed charged as well.

Any clues?

UPDATE 10/25/2012:

A little more information after playing around a bit...

  • STARTING POINT: The computer runs on battery but doesn't recognize that the ac adapter is plugged in. i.e. no lights on the ac adapter.
  • If I open the computer up and unplug the battery the green light appears on the ac adapter.
  • If I then plug the battery back in, the green light turns orange (as expected since it should be charging). At this point I can run the computer fine.
  • If I unplug the ac adapter the computer starts running on battery as expected.
  • Plugging the ac adapter back in takes me back to the beginning where the computer runs on battery but the ac adopter isn't recognized as being plugged in.

I can do all these steps over and over with the same results.

It's as if the battery isn't compatible with the power supply but these are all factory stock parts. To be clear, the battery charges in step 3 just like it should. I left it running until the charge was at 100% before continuing. I even purchased a replacement ac adapter and it gives the same results.

Does this sound like a bad battery?

ANSWERED 11/16/2012:

I sent the computer to DT&T (www.dttservice.com) and they found that the logic board needed repaired and the fan needed replaced. They actually did a board level repair. It was cheaper than buying a whole new logic board from this site and they are great to deal with. They received my computer on Friday and shipped it back out the following Monday.

In conclusion, if it appears that your battery and power supply are not talking then it's probably a logic board issue. I highly recommend DT&T.

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Denny - It sounds like the battery control logic has become damaged, not the battery. Can you supply us the last four digits of your serial number so we can point you to the correct part to replace.


Thanks for the reply!!

Last four of Serial Number: DJ5G

It's a late 2010 MacBook Air 13" - 4Gig RAM and 250Gig HD


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Water damage is a bear! So many things can be damaged. Letting a system just dry on it's own often makes things worse. This is more true with systems with a battery.

Always dry it out as quickly as possible. Depending on what hit it you may need to deactivate the acid's or alkali's in the water from damaging things. After disconnecting the battery I would use distilled water as well as isopropyl alcohol to wash down the parts using care not to add any damage from my own actions.

At this point its a hit or mis type of problem. I would start with the logic board.

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I accepted this answer because it was pretty close in the end (see above). The problem actually did involve the logic board.


Your model has a seprate I/O board which sounds like where the damage is Here's a link to the iFixIt page I/O board Try replacing it


Well I've already replaced it. It was in place as I was doing the tests above. Any other clues?


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