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How do I open the case?

I'm trying to open the ipod, using the two tools that came with the replacement battery. So far, I have had no success. I get one tool wedged in the bottom, but I can't get the other one into the side, like the directions say.

I've replaced the battery on my 5th generation ipod, which was tricky to open, but not impossible.

What am I doing wrong?

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The tricky thing about getting this iPod open are the five retaining tabs securing each side of the front case. Have you been using our repair guide on replacing the battery?

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I did use the repair guide. I was just hoping that someone had a tip for finessing the process. I get the tool wedged into the side with the earphone jack, and then it says to get the other tool wedged into the longer side. That seems to be beyond me.


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I was replacing the battery I bought at which included the tools needed to do the repair.

I used the tools sent with the battery for over an hour and was getting no where. I tried use a small screw driver but noticed it was putting marks in the case.

I was able to get one of the plastic tools started but could not get any farther. I was using the tool so much it was wearing out and getting desperate. I finally took an old credit card and got it in the side next to the tool. I used the credit card and slid it along the side moving it on all sides and it opened with ease.

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