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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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Is the A1369 MBA logicboard from early 2011 compatible with late 2010?

My 13" MBA late 2010 logicboard apparently is damaged and I need to change it. I took it out and tried to clean it but it didn't make a difference.

Since I was thinking of buying a 4gb version I noticed in your guide all the connectors as well as screw positions seem identical to the 2011 model (except the keyboard light which wouldn't be used anyway)

Can it be used this way? Does the IO board cable connector which supports Thunderbolt in the 2011 poses any issues if used with the 2010 IO board?

Is the bluetooth module compatible?

Worst case scenario if you think I should give it a go, I would buy a 2011 logicboard, try it and if it doesn't work I would try to resell it, but obviously that only works if it doesn't get damaged somehow...

Thank you for your time and all the invaluable info you share.

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Generally you really need to stay within the same generation when swapping parts around. Often downwardly compatibility is more workable than upper.

In this case your issue is more complex Apple often reconfigures its logic boards between generation families. I doubt these would be interchangeable. Review the iFixIt guides to see the differences between them. Here's a good image that you can compare the differences:

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Exactly, the usb ports are on the IO board which is connected to the logicboard by the same cable, connected in the same position.

Did you notice any differences between the connectors of the logicboard? (apart from the keyboard light which is absent in the late 2010 MBA)


Hey, was it answered for real? I'm facing the same issue. The mid 2011 a1369 model supports core i5...


I'm pretty sure the 2011 board fits in the 2010. It might have a fe screws in the wrong place but it fits. The question is whether it boots or not.


was this every solved? does anyone have an answer?


I doubt anyone ever tried. I never did.

The cases are different P/N's so its possible the mounts are not exactly the same. As you can see from the two images they do look like they would fit but then the keyboard & I/O connections may not be compatible.

Given the market I think you can find a used one might be a better deal that trying to upgrade yours.


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