Repair and disassembly guides for cell phones manufactured by Huawei.

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threw phone at wall screen goes black help

Phone was thrown against the wall and the screen is black it turns on and lights up but screen is black

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Try not throwing your phone at a wall,aim for a bed instead


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possibly a broken LCD, a dislodged or broken wire as well as possibly broken connector. Difficult to assess until you open it up and visually inspect for damage.

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Try first Removing the battery and or sim card then re-install them. This will reboot them without resetting or wipe of memory. The jarring motion of hitting the wall could cause the sim or battery to loosen.

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This might sound weird but try bashing it again to nock the inside back into place if it donsnt work take out sim and take it to your holder e.g. EE or Vodafone etc

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