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Is my iPod 3rd Generation compatible with Firewire 800 cable?

I recently replaced my battery in my old iPod 3G and I figured that my USB cable could only sync it with iTunes and couldn't charge it. My MacBook Pro only has a FireWire 800 port.

Will a Firewire 800 cable charge my iPod 3G ?

If not, can I use a Firewire 400 cable for iPod in combination with a Firewire adaptator 400/800 to charge it ?

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Laurent Gobenin, the iPod is a Firewire 400 device. So you will need a Firewire 400 to iPod 30 pin cable. Yes, you can use an adapter to charge it. Hope this helps, good luck.

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You can even use it on a MacBook AIr with a 400 cable and a 400/800 adapter connected to the thunderbolt/FW800 adapter, it works!


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Tried the firewire 400/800 cable.

It charges the iPod but does not connect to iTunes to sync.

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…I have to add, though, that if your iPod original 3G has been long out of use and the battery is really unloaded, you'll need to plug in the mains charger to initiate a minimum load, after which you can charge it further with the aforementioned combination of cables and adapters plugged in your computer.

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