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HP Part#: CN731A#B1H: Printer, scanner, copier, web browser with wireless internet capability

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Why is my printer printing only partial lines?

When printing text, the printer is printing only the top half of the lines, on each line. The printer cartridge is still half full and even though I changed it out it is still doing the same thing. I have even tried to do a new alignment. Any suggestions?

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I have a hp printer deskjet 1000.i've already bought a new ink cartriges and install in my printer.when I print some photo theres lines on it.please help me.


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Probably your printer head is jam you can try by taking out your cartridges and put your cartridge heads in semi warm water for like 5 minutes. And try to blow some air in the ink holes on the top of each cartridge. Hopefully this shall clear any blockage in heads.

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clean printheads if no avail time to get a new printer

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