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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone with eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option.

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water damage no sound

Hi, i dropped my S3 i9300 in water, i opened it and let it dry for a day post that i cleaned all the connections and put it back together,, made certain all is connected nicely.

So the phone is working fine the touch is good, camera is good, i can send and receive sms, chat i can brows net,, etc

The problem is..

there is no audio on the mobile, i cannot listen to any music, no ringer, no sound, only vibration ..

i cannot make or receive call, the call goes through technically, no no audio,, so cant listen on talk..

Please help

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did you ever get an answer to this? i have the same problem


Me too! Someone HELP!!!


Same here man only with my samsjng s4



My Samsung 1612 dropped in water and it's sound system does not work.


My LG k 500 n dropped in water yesterday.

I'd put it in charge.

My sound system is not working.


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Hi gill,

Here are some suggestions:

1. Does the phone work on headphones/earphones?

2. Is the flight mode switched on?

3. Have you tried the app SoundAbout?

However, since your phone experienced a water damage, there could still be water on the motherboard that causes this issue. I recommend taking the phone apart (using this guide). Now lay the motherboard into isopropyl alcohol (90%) for about 10 minutes, take it out of this "bath" and let it dry for a couple of days next to a warm source (air conditioning, for example). Put everything together again and then test it again.


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It's not a phone it's a tablet


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Same thing happened to me. I poured a little isopropyl alcohol into the bottom two holes and now everything works fine. DON'T BE AFRAID. Alcohol does not conduct electricity!

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Hi there, this is a little late but can you give the exact steps of what you did?


Yes...please elaborate....did you have to some how get the ipa out afterwards?


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