Very strange charging phenomenon!

This happened yesterday, all of a sudden. My macbook suddenly decided it wouldn't charge. The battery icon says "Battery Is Not Charging", "Power Source: Power Adapter".

However, the strange part is that the macbook charges fine with my macbook pro adapter. And, the macbook's adapter connected to the macbook pro fine says the exact same thing on the pulldown menu from the taskbar icon.

FWIW, I have restarted a few times, removed and reinstalled the battery, reset the NVRAM/PRAM and even the SMC. No go.

Any idea why this is happening? Seems very strange to me. I mean, if the power adapter had completed conked out, it shouldn't say "Power Source: Power Adapter" and continue to work on A/C right? It works fine for hours when connected, but it just doesn't charge.


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