How to replace transmission dipstick tube seal

how do i replace the transmission dipstick tube seal on my 1995 chevy suburban?

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DENNIS, look on the dip stick tube. There should be a mounting bracket with one mounting bolt. It should be a 10mm bolt, remove that. The dipstick tube should just pull out of the transmission. You may have to twist it hard a couple of times. Even so it is a simple pressfit, it may still be pretty tight and may need some "convincing" to be removed. When replacing the old dipstick tube there is an O-ring on the the bottom, about 1 inch up from the end. Use some RTV sealant on that O-ring before installing it back onto the transmission. I also find that it helps to place the new tube in the freezer until you are ready to install it. This will contract the tube slightly and will make it easier to reinstall. The pressfit and the small bracket are enough to hold the tube in place. Hope this helps, good luck.

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How to take a transmission dip stick off


David Charlton remove the bolt from the mounting bracket. The tube itself is just a pressfit. you should just have to pull it out.


Just replace flex plate in a 1998 GMC Yukon. Every thing is back together but the transmission filler tube will not line up on the stud from the transmission to engine. Tube is all the way seated but the hole is above the stud. When we unbolted it, it just came right off. Took a few colorful word but we got it out.


I would imagine the bracket got bent slightly while taking it out aftwr you got it unbolted. If you are sure it is all the way installed then push the bracket so that ot li es up and the bolt can be installed and tightened.


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