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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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What is the input voltage range?

Does anyone have (factual) information on what the input voltage specification for the MacBook Air range is?

The powers upplies for the different models vary significantly in output voltage (14..18.6 V) and they have been reported to be interchangeable. How does this work? I understand variable current draws (and therefore variable power ratings). But in order to deal with varying voltages wouldn't the MacBook have to employ some sort of DCDC converter at the input side? If that is true what is the maximum input voltage range, specifically for the 11" MacBookAir?

I am interested in this to understand possible charging options for the MacBook (DIY and or commercial 3rd party)


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Are you looking for a specific model, or just a general idea?


Well, I am primarily interested in my own device (mid'12 11") but I guess the question is easily generalized.


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txalex, looks like 18V with a fuse rated at 6amp 24V.

Block Image

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Cheers mate!

And thanks for the diagram, although I have difficulties reading some of the labels. Do you know or can you tell from the diagram what the minimum input voltage would be - even the stock power supply delivers only 14.85V. And what role does the "adapter sense pin" play. Ah, maybe I'm asking too many questions - I just don't want to stupidly wire something up only to fry my mac. plus I was curious how those 3rd party commercial ext. batteries work.


txalex, send me an email and I can get you the schematic to make it easier for you. Most likely the adapter sense circuit is there to determine if your power adapter is plugged in or not


the adaptersense pin is to identify the charger and to control the led


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