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Upgrading Disc Drive

Howdy everyone!

Sorry if this is a common question, but there doesn't seem to be that much about this online.

I have a Mercury PowerBook that I'm actually using right now, and I'd like to upgrade its optical drive to something newer, more able, and less dinosaur-ish. Does anyone know if there's a way to get just that fancy framework from the Onyx models? I think you can apply that caddy to just about any newer drive, and you ought to be set, no? Thanks!


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Some of the Titaniums did come with internal Superdrives, which I assume is basically what you're looking to get. Rather than buy a brand new replacement Superdrive for potentially a lot of money, I'd buy a whole dead Titanium on eBay with a Superdrive in it, since they go in the range of $50-$75, and you can use the rest of the computer as a parts machine. Swapping the drive out is an easy procedure that doesn't take much more than 20 minutes. That's one nice thing about Titaniums -- you pop the bottom off, and most everything is right there.

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Howdy again!

rdklincorp orated, you think just like I do. I look for parts Titaniums all the time. Now, unless I'm much mistaken, the DVI PowerBook superdrive won't simply go into the Mercury ones without the caddy. I have a DVI Titanium and the drives are different, but I be they'll hook up all the same. I'll check it out today. Thanks everyone!

11team, I like your idea about getting an external drive, but I really just want to upgrade the Titanium, and modifying the MacBook Air superdrive sounds like a little more of a hassle. I could do it, though. And it would be darn handy. Haha. I love that little superdrive It's so compact!

I'll let you know what comes of my experimenting today.Thanks!

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Don't forget your Titanium only support USB 1.0 technology.

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get an external drive - easy to fit, usable with more than one computer.

if you are handy (sounds you are) get the Superdrive for the air and modify it to work with just about any computer.

You even can take the drive out of the enclosure and attach it via USB and fit it inside (I guess)

Have fun!

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