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Pressure marks on screen

I have recently purchased an iPod touch 4 off 'flea bay' It was cheaper than a lot that was on there. The description was 'newly fitted screen'

When the item got delivered I fitted a case to the back. When fixing the case to the device I noticed pressure marks in the corner of the screen. Not too fussed as they disappeared in a few seconds.

I gave my son this iPod for his birthday, a couple of hours having playing on it the screen developed a crack next to the home button 'without' dropping or any 'mis-use' I am concerned that the new screen is a cheaper thinner copy or may not have been fitted properly.

Has anybody had a similar experience??? What do I do now????

Please help!!!!!

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The cheaper screens sometimes are more frail, but in the 98% of the cases the problem is the correct placement of the screen on the device.

The screen of the ipod 4g, is glued and supported on the back aluminum case. If the case it is not straight due to a drop or other, or if the old glue of the old display it isn't removed completely when the new lcd was mounted, all seems to be fine, but when you press the screen on every day use the force is concentrated on this non straight or non cleaned points and from this points start the cracks.

Remember that this glass, is non-scratchable because is hard, but at the same time, it is very rigid, and non elastic, so it have to has mounted on a very clear and plate surface.

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