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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Unable to remove existing hard drive

Hi everyone,

I've followed instructions from this site and a couple of YouTube videos.

The existing 5400rpm hard drive seems to seat differently that on the instructions and videos. It is seated deep down and will not come off. I can't even reach it with my fingers to try and lift it up.

Is there something I'm not doing correctly or has Apple changed the design? If so, do I need to remove the logic board perhaps to make more room?

Thank you!

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Can you supply us the last four digits of your serial number so we can correctly ID which version you have.


Yes, some models are harder to open up enough to get the HD's out. Once we know the correct model you have we can clarify how it's done.


Hi Dan, the model number is A1347 (it's a MD387LL/A). Is this what you were looking for?


No, the serial number. The model number is for all mini's so it doesn't isolate out which one. If your system is running look under the About this Mac More Info... button it should be there or along the side with the model number.


Dan, the last four of the serial number are DWYL.


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Sky - Lets try a different path here. Instead of trying to ease out the HD through the opening. Lets take the logic board out first so you have more clearance.

Follow these steps: iFixIt guide for late '12 logic board replacement going up to step17 at that point you should have enough space to pull the drive out.

Let us know how it goes! Good Luck

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Hello Sky, I think I've come across a solution for your issue. As for you Dan, Sky's Mac mini is the late 2012 Model, as specified in the sidebar of this post.

Sky, after you have removed the wifi antenna grate, you'll notice that that hard drive is very hard to pull out and is still plugged in. There is a black panel(opposite of the ram bay) that is blocking the Sata cable from being detached, once you remove this black panel with your t8 torx screwdriver, you should be able to gently pull up on the sata cable, disconnecting it and lifting the hard drive out of the bay.

For step by step instructions, I recommend following this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRDVUI6G...

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Hi Mason,

This is one of the videos I've followed, but the hard drive does not come off as easily as in the video. In fact, in the video, it seems to be nearly flush with the top ledge. Mine is "anchored" all the way down and is not flush with the top. In fact, the two screws that you see at the bottom of the antenna grate were not anchored in anything. They are just there for did not attach to anything underneath.

I'll take another look again to see if I can observe the panel you are referring to.


Mason - Sometimes it pays to double check these things. As he could have selected the wrong entry (which is very common). In addition, his problem leads me to believe he has picked the wrong model.


Mason, I think you were referring to the black panel that is visible at 3:10 in the video, is this correct? If so, yes, this was removed.


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You have to remove the logic board to get to the Two T8 Torx Screws holding the hard drive in place.

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