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The Samsung Galaxy SL is a version of the Samsung Galaxy S with a Super Clear LCD screen.

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Soft keys (back&menu keys) are not working!

really need help for my samsung galaxy!! At first my screen used to get frozen so i used to do hard factory reset for it but still it used to persist often then once when i factory resetted my phone the touch screen started working perfectly fine!! but then the menu key & the back key stopped working! only the home key & other rest of the keys are working. i think its a software problem because the light still works when i switch on or whn i press the home button. I seriously need help!!

Thank you in advance!!!

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hey same here.. suddenly my back and options key stopped working.

Model: samsung galaxy R

Any clues to fix it.


I am also facing the same problem..pls help me guys....



I brought the Samsung Handset(Galaxy GT i9003) GINGERBREAD DDKP1 on April 2011. For last 2 months, the back and Menu Button of my handset is not at all responding.

Kindly help me in resolving the issue


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You can try application on Play Store. Search app button savior non root. Download and install it. This for jellybean only.

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Replaced my dock connector and now my menu or my back buttons work. On a Samsung galaxy s4

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