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Dell Inspiron N5010 Series laptop comes with either Intel Core i3 330M or Core i7 740QM processor and can have a GMA 4500MHD or ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 adapter.

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My sound in not working in dell n5010

i hav drivers installed correctly..music will play but no sound in internal speakers...but it will work in headset..

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does your audio device show up in Device Manager?


Hi nandu Good day

I am also facing the same problem with my speakers, i tried allot in so many ways but i can't , can you please suggest me if you got any good news about u r speakers.


just need to update the sound driver and check the sound settings . if did not work than visit dell support https://goo.gl/zLJXEM and see if that works for you .


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I'm assuming you are running Win 7 and since the HS work the driver should be installed OK. Does pressing the F7 key mute/unmute the sound in the HS?

Right click on the speaker icon in the task bar near the clock. A menu should appear. Select playback devices. Are the speakers listed there? If so right click on them and see if they are disabled. Select Set as default device if it is in the menu. Also try selecting test.

If the speakers are not in the list of devices select another device and right click and select show disabled devices and see if the speakers are disabled.

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It seems like your sound device is not installed properly so you can give a try by going to you manufacturer`s website and download once again the update sound driver of specified model or you can either try the SoundMax drive from cnet.com which may can fix your problem.

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when i am connecting headphone, speaker & headphone both playing songs. no switching of sound from speaker to headphone....

please give me solution

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