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The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a smartphone noted for its combination of a large display and software optimized for an integral self-storing stylus.

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N7100 image does not rotate , gyroscope faulty

Good day to you folks ,

Where is the GYROSCOPE MODULE on N7100 ( GALAXY NOTE 2 ) Main board .

I have made many other attempt without success, Have someone repair the GYROSCOPE problem . I will be delighted to have his successful process posted.

Many thanks ..

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same problem here have anyone more shematics to locate a replace the gyro ship



Same here any 1 help me


just loosen the screw that nearest to the micro sd card. it work on my phone


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eldruige, the IC you are looking for is marked as U230. Check on that IC, sometimes you see the marking 330DC on it. 330dc is the unmarked STMicroelectronics LSM330DLC, which is the IC that the N7100 uses. The datasheet is available right here, the chip itself is available here, as well as many other places.

Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck.

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Top answer oldturkey.


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Have you tried to recalibrate the gyroscope in settings >motion >advanced settings >gyroscope calibration.

Also Having a screen protector can affect gyroscope operation for some reason.

Other things to try - backup and do a factory restore

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I really appreciate your help , the recalibration and restore process was already done without success..the device still remain faulty

have a good day


Many thanks ,


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loosen the screw nearest to the microsd card. it works on my phone

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İyi günler hakan Bey; ekran dönmeme sorunu benim note 2de de var, dediğiniz gibi vidaları gevşetince düzeldi fakat zaman zaman telefon arka cepte baskı görünce tekrarlıyor; sanırım anakart üzerinde lehimlenmiş accelometre nin ayaklarından birinin bağlantısı cepte baskı görünce temas etmiyor. Buna bir çözümünüz var mı?


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