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Model number TF700T released in July 2012. The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capable tablet with a 10.1 inch screen and 8MP camera.

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How to Replace ASUS Tranformer infinity Digitizer TF700

Hi Everyone,

I smashed the digitizer screen on my TF700, i found a replacement but on disassembly it appears that the front bezel is irriversibly bonded to the digitizer, does anyone know where to buy the bezel i have searched online but can find nothing. Do you think asus would sell the part directly? I dont see any other way to put the tablet back together without the bezel.

Thanks in advance


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I had the same issue - the bezel is extremely thin / lightweight and is bonded to the screen glass with double sided tape. I found I could remove all the old glass and tape with v. careful use of a hot air gun and and a knife blade. BE V CAREFUL WITH THE HEAT - the bezel deforms pretty easily. I then used some double sided tape to restick my new glass and hey - presto... HTH

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I used a hairdryer and a stanley knife to separate all the bits from the plastic, I then used White Spirit to clean the glue off the plastic and Double sided tape to bond it to the new one. I later plugged the lcd cable into the screen while the machine was on and melted the connector.... but that's a different story. Make sure you don't do that bit.

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