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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone with eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option.

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How to fix my gs3 IF the touch screen doesn't work?

I left my phone on top of the car. It fell onto the window wiper awhile it was raining. Didn't recover it until approx. 30 min. later. After soaking it in rice and hair drying it, the phone manage to turn on but isn't SENSING my finger tips. Therefore, my phones is somewhat useless because it is touch screen and its not reacting to me touching it. I can receive calls and texts, but I cant check them. I've spent a thousand dollars of this phone already (assets, replacement, deductible, billing ect.) I cant downgrade or pay more money. please tell me theres someway to have my heat sensor working again!!

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I have a very annoying problem so like 2 weeks before this happend my uncle bought me a used s3 with a Crack in the back case but was perfectly fine so 2 weeks later my "friend peed on my phone !!@$₩€ so it worked for like 30 min then I turned it on it didn't so I opened the case and there was yellow liquid all in my phone so when I went home I opened the phone dried it with bounty then rubbed everything with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush . when I was done and screwed the screws in their holes I put the battery in and I turned

It on I felt 2 vibrations it didn't show anything so so I did it like 5 more times and then. It showed the word Samsung and didn't go to lock screen can you please help me?


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Sounds to me like it is time to replace your front panel assembly. Follow this guide.

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thanks... i'll check out the link. Do you think the water short circuit my front panel ?


It could be, but of course you do want to disassemble your phone completely and clean every part, and connector with isopropyl alcohol, and a small brush. Replace the battery as well, after that re-evaluate. Worst case scenario, it is your display circuitry or the backlight circuitry that has failed from the water damage.


I did everything except step 22 and so on... the phone is disassembled and is in rice (over night). The battery is fine. The phone works properly (home button works, as well as the volume keys, lock key, and both menu and back button)

My headache is the screen itself... it isn't responding to my swipe as if I am not rubbing the screen (its retarded) and the way I have it set up I cant get passed my lock screen because I have a swipe passcode setting.

Based on what you're saying I will have to buy a brand new front panel for my phone ?


That is correct. It appear as if your digitizer has failed.


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i changed my screen on my s3 & after i changed it the touch don't work i dont no if there is ment be a thin screen uunder it or wha ??

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Initially I did think after reading pages of material that my phone was ruined.

So thinking that I had nothing to loose. So I took my back cover that unclips easily, took out the battery, and placed it by a oil filled heater and left it there overnight.

Before I did this, everything about my phone seemed fine. It was just the touch screen that was no longer responding.

And now? It works perfectly fine. I feel really lucky and I hope this helps someone else.

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