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Also known as LG Optimus P970 schwarz in Germany, released May 2011.

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anyone know what the CN904 industrial name is?

Does anyone know what the CN904 : Upper FPCB Conn1 industrial name is? I need to buy that part as I damaged mine while trying to solder it back on.

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Say a word if you'll manage to repair it. I've got problem with USB too and i don't know whether to buy it or not because shipping to my country (Poland) is quite expensive.


Hi osiu97,

I failed. But the repair is VERY possible. I failed because I was too impatient and lacked the proper equipment. Initially I got it half right, but some pins weren't connected and repeated soldering melted the enby0053201.

You need a good magnifying stand, fine tip soldering iron and flux and steady hands. It's crucial to get it right, because desoldering the thing is extremely hard if you make a mistake.

I was too hasty in desoldering the enby0053201 and the PCB pads got ripped off.

I also recommend removing the entire board (watch youtube videos on how to do it) and removing the IO shield (where the SD card is attached to) before starting work.

Good luck.


I was looking for the insudtrial part number for such tiny connector. Thanks a lot. Now I can fix my phone. Regards,


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The industrial name is enby0053201. You can find here :http://www.unlockmovil.com/conector-btb-...

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THANK YOU for replying! :)


To add on, I bought my connectors from here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...


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