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Power door lock does not work with remote - need help!

I have a 2005 Honda Accord EX with power window locks operated from a key fob. One of the doors has a problem with the locking mechanism and does not respond to lock/unlock key presses from the fob. I need to manually lock and unlock the door. How do I fix this? Is it easy to do by myself or do I let the dealer fix this? Do I need to go to a dealer for repair or can I go to any car shop (probably cheaper?) to fix this problem? Thanks!

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Depends on how handy you are ;-) but it is not impossible and most likely way cheaper to do it yourself.


Yep jus like the Gentleman said cheaper do it it SELF, go on line they'll tell u step by step how to do it in case ur not Familiar with it...best of luck?!

Danny mechanic


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smithandneo, sounds like this is caused by a bad door lock actuator. You could replace the actuator with a part like this. Here is an okay video showing the replacement. Hope this helps, good luck.

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The problem most likely is you have too reset ur remote, the handbook will tell you how if not go on line enter year make of your vehicle.


@Daniel Orona "One of the doors has a problem " will not get resolved by resetting the remote


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If all but one door locks and unlocks then it is likely the Power Door Lock Actuator Assy for that faulty door. On my Honda CL9 (Euro and JDM Accord) the actuator was weak, intermittent, before going completely inoperative.

It is not an expensive part (less than $30 as of today, depending upon the source for the part), and it shouldn't take a dealer technician more than an hour of work to remove the door panel and change the actuator. Check with your dealer, and your preferred shop. You can buy the actuator online, but if that's not actually the problem, you've bought an unneeded part.

I’ve actually had both the driver side and passenger side actuators go bad, so I use my CL9’s option to only unlock the driver’s door when I’m alone. The repairs weren’t expensive and I was reassured having a trained technician do it.

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If one ur door locks don't work & the other do,two causes bad eire or faulty acuator.. Danny mechanic


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