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Will the iPod Touch 2G screen fit a 3G (32 GB) Touch?

Have an engraved iPod Touch 3G (32 GB), placed keys in pocket over screen by accident and need a replacement screen. Scratches are too deep to buff out. Though they haven't gone through the screen completly.

iFixIt only has the 1G, and 2G screens available.

Will the 2G screen fit a 3G (32 GB) model?

If not, any idea where you can find one?

Paying Apple $199 to fix a $320 device is outragious if the part is only $50-60.

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Hi Guys...I am a display artist...who does a lot with her hands in building things. One thing...don't use metal unless you have to!

Here are some tips, and I write them because I see far too much crap out there for people...and wow, what a mess too!


Solid and trimmed guitar picks work much better (very easy to do with the right grit sandpaper). They also help hold the device open as you go around, and DO NOT SCRATCH the good screen-- and that is important if that is OK!) ...also, watch your edges! There is a thin seal around the front screen edge...sad to get that torn up. Metal is not very forgiving....


If you use the 'micro-screwdriver sets' be sure to get the kind that is also used for electric work (go to Radio shack...or the 'Source' as it is now called in Canada or even London Drugs) ...in other worlds, GROUND things before you start!

If you are like me and tend to fix stuff a lot, get some 'dip it' (real name)...liquid plastic that air dries to coat your small divers as far as possible if you already have a set...just to keep them safer to use..and yeah, I know, many neglect this, only to have a fit when they blow 100 bucks in parts because they forgot the 'current' transfer issue...sigh. Your body stores more power than you realize..after all, it is using that for the screen in the first place! It all adds up too fast cost wise.


If you have a cutting board for drafting...or what your mom might use for sewing and running a blade along, ...artists also use it for cutting on as it self repairs itself -- use that to fix your stuff on. You keep from scratching up the back, not to mention a better grip on things as you work. Hard surfaces don't give at all, and 'bounce' your screws etc..and hey, wanna find those on the floor? Good luck kiddo!LOL Tell me when you need the loan of the microscope, K?


Anyhoo...another tip...start where the volume button is and at the ends of the pod ..not in the middle as I also seem to see many vids of people starting at...YIKES! Work down one side, then across, then up...just stands to reason. Or I thought anyway!LOL


Again, I can't stress enough to use either a nice plastic tool to lift the delicate modes....or even a small hardwood one if you don't have the funds for store bought or again, that modified guitar pick...great tool for .50c. Another thing, when you go to put those taped contacts back down, the pick can also be used as a spatula to reseal things nice and smooth. Make sure that is done right. Just normal heat can lift it again and loose correct contact...and taking things apart again just to reseal is a waste of valuable time. Beats metal on metal when you are dealing with such sensitive stuff, and that is why we are all here in the first place...usually that ^#$# white screen of death, right? Usually...or so I have also discovered while researching all this for my nephew...who says an old gal can't learn the trade!LOL


Rushing makes a mess, slow down, and it will work the first time around! So many vids out there rush and slop and drop..well, you get the picture...Trust me...been there for over 20 years, and got that one down...most times!LOL


OK, so I am here trying to keep my neighbor kids toys working and why I am here learning right along with you! And, I do have an ipod 4, so anything I learn now, I am sure will help me with my own toys...sigh.

So, my question for today..and yes I do have one..who knew!>??LOL

When you have the 'white screen of death' that will NOT reset, fix or work, even when the computer can see you do have an ipod there..(go figure, thought I made it up at that point!), YOU can't see it..well, what gets replaced? The screen and the digitizer pack for it or is it the entire mother board..if so, where do I find those?

Sorry to hear also that the 2g screen won't fit the 3 gen...darn, here I thought I had at least one of their toys solved..sigh..oh well.

OK, so thanks for putting up with the block mom. As an artist for a nature center, I do want to keep this stuff out of landfills when they break..and they tend to do that more often than not...and cost WAY too much to toss if at all possible!

Thanks for listening to my rant. Hope it was not too boring for you skilled tecky's out there...and nice to find a place to get some GOOD answers in...FINALLY!!! Sheeeeesh..harder than taking the darn thing apart in the first place!!!!

Keep at it people! You are the ones who make the difference because you take the time to learn to DO IT yourself!! Good on you!! Our throw away world will not last, and you will have the leg up on making do with what you have...and wow, we really NEED that one!


Tangski (which means Sister in Lakota:)

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++++This is awesome


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Hi Korso,

According to iFixit teardown of the iPod Touch 3G 32GB (link: iPod Touch 3rd Generation Teardown), I don't think you can use the screen for the 2G to replace the 3G. The third bullet point of the Step 4 of that teardown mentioned that the screen and digitizer of the 3G 32GB iPod Touch are not the same as the previous generation one.

It's sad that Apple charges a lot for their service. Hope iFixit gets the part in stock soon.

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I know from experience that the 2G does not fit the 3G. I bought the wrong screen and they do not intermix.

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OK, you can hit me now...I see many great tools right here!! Perfect..I can stop looking for them anywhere else..and still need to know about the 2nd gen repair of white screen...mother board or??

thanks much


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Vicki, try this first. Hold the power button and home button for ten seconds, see if it un-freezes. Also try to put it in DFU mode when hooked up to the computer and plug it into itunes, it should be recognized but you will have to restore and probably lose the data on it. To place it in DFU mode you hold both power and home button for 10 seconds. Then keep holding the home until you hear the USB sound on your computer. If none of this works you might start thinking about replacing the LCD. Here is a good tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r5IPWwq0... and of course the ifixit guides here iPod Touch 3rd Generation Repair If you ipod is being recognized by itunes and it behaves like it should I doubt it is th elogic board. ? Tókhi wániphika ní! :-) ?


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will ipod screen fit my iphone3g

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