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Is there any Difference between Magsafe 45W & 85 W Connector?

Hello All,

I am having trouble with my magsafe 85 W charger,

Some times back I repaired the charger by simply joining the macbook air L Connector to my existing 85 W charger as its connector was not working.

But I wonder will it make any difference technically ?

though its charging fine, since last 7 months but in system Profiler showing the Wattage of charger as 45W I dont know how, hence the reason for this question. Also, when I use heavy CPU using app Like final cut pro it says 'Not charging', the light turns green and battery drains.

So please shed some light on this, is it related with the Macbook Air Charger Cord being used ?

Just for info, I am using 10.9 Mavericks Preview 2.

Also, I have joined the wire just by taping and not by soldering inside magsafe charger.

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The chargers automagically drop the watts if you put a 85watt on a 60 or 45 board. You can use a higher watt to charge a lower watt item, but, you cannot use a lower watt for a higher item.

Depending on the situation, using an underpowered charger on a laptop battery that needs more wattage could have a number of results: The battery may charge, but at a slower rate; the charger may power the computer if it is on, but not charge the battery; or the charger’s life could be shortened by overheating.

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Ya thanks for reply,

I know all these, but i am using 85 watt already, the only difference is the cable. So how it can make the difference ? And it should not show as 45 w in system profiler right ?


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