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A major redesign of the Apple Pro Keyboard, released in May 2003. Updated in 2005 with USB 2.0.

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Tool needed to remove bottom of A1048 keyboard?

My iMac keyboard, model A1084 is pretty filthy inside, and I'd like to remove the bottom to clean it up.

It has very tiny allen type hex screws.

Any additional instructions as to how remove the bottom much appreciated.

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Well, for me, the model number you mentioned is actually an Airport express model, however, there is a keyboard with the model number A1048, which I think is what you are talking about. In order to remove the bottom, there aren't really any special tools, you just need a really small torx screwdriver. I clean these models by popping all the keys off, which is pretty easy if you pull them up from the corners, letting them all sit in warm water for a few minutes, then lightly scrubbing each one. When all they keys are off, you can take a q-tip and clean around the key mounts that are under the keys. Doing this for me usually takes a keyboard from being dirty and sticky (and sometimes hard to use since keys stick and get stuck) to looking like it was just made. The bottom cover is normally the last part, and I just have to use really small torx screwdrivers (really really small) to remove the screws (there are also screws under the rubber pads on these models).

I got an older keyboard than yours to go from this:

Block Image

To this:

Block Image

Hope this Helps

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hey, thanks. Helped a lot and my FCP keyboard looks like new! BTW: since I didn't have a torx screwdriver I just popped the keys out and cleaned them and the surface under it. Enough for me....

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I've used a 1.3 hex bit and according to what I saw it's the proper one.

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Although the 1.3 hex is the proper one, a Torx T5 will fit as a quick improvisation. I haven't been able to find a 1.3 hex, but I do have a T5.

Another solution I want to pursue is to use BluFixx fluid to cast a 1.3 hex driver from the screw head, but haven't done it yet, since the T5 is working (so far).


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hi - i have the same keyboard...spilled drink and it no longer works...it means that the desktop computer does not recognize that the keyboard is there when the usb is plugged in....i would like to fix it by popping out the bottom so i can see what has happened. thx

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