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The second iteration of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computers with a 7.0-inch screen. Model numbers: GT-P3105, GT-P3100, and GT-P3105.

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wont read external micro card

I've inserted a microSD card properly into the correct slot but my samsung galavy 2 7.0 will not recognize the 32 gb card. Any help in get the tab to recognize the card is greatly appreciated

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It has a spring loaded locking system...Did the card lock in its place securely....?? It is always better to switch of the device before inserting an "External Card" or "SIM Card". You can try to "Factory Reset" (navigate from "Settings") your device (make sure you take back up of all your contacts, photos, messages, Apps...etc). If it still doesnt work then try reading your MicroSD card thru a "Card Reader"....if it fails to read, then your card is faulty. If not take your Tab to "Service Center"

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Go in to setting storage click on it

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