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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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why is my ipod not charging?

I've had my ipod for many years and never had any problems. for the last year, i haven't used it...now when i try to charge it...on the ipod screen it sends me to a website. when i go there, it sends me here. am i doing something wrong, or is there something i can do to fix it?

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Since your computer seems to acknowledge that the iPod is there it's probably not a problem with the cable or dock connector. Could it be that the USB port on your computer just doesn't have enough power to get that completely drained battery going again? If you have a power adapter that lets you charge your iPod from the wall current that would be worth a try. If you don't have one you could go to an Apple Store or any store that displays iPod charging in a dock, plug your iPod in there and see if you get the battery charging screen. It could take a few minutes to respond, so give it a chance. Make sure it's in a dock connected to wall current and not connected to a computer USB port and not even one of those speaker system that dock your iPod.

Otherwise, you might want to give us a bit more info on precisely what that error screen says.

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I agree, you mean the iPod tells you to visit ifixit.com?


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Try completely draining the battery and charging it to full.

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hello;my ipod(classic)dont sync and charging what should i do?

amm icharge it just when it geting off completly.but no sync anew song..please help!!!

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I'm not sure where my last question went. But Here it is again.

I just finished replacing the battery in my ver 6 Classic silver metal iPod because the original battery was dead and would not take a charge. After replacing the battery with a new one the iPod now works but will not charge with the ext. adapter or with the computer. Is there a remedy for it not charging?


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