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A series of 15" media laptops manufactured by Dell.

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Loses internet connectivity periodically - wired and wireless

What can I do or what settings might need to be changed

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Hey Tom,

Could you give us more info: Does the problem happen at some specific time? What are you doing when it loses connectivity? Are there any other computers on the same network exhibiting the same issue (so it's a router problem, not a computer problem)? How long does it lose connectivity before reacquiring the connection?


Happens after an hour or two - or sometimes it takes 4 hours or more - usually just logged into my gmail account. The only way to restore connectivity is to restart the computer.


Do any other computers on the network exhibit the same problem? Does the problem occur when your computer is plugged directly into the DSL/Cable modem?


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wireless made some sense after googling a little bit

you will find stuff like this

it seems that there are some issues with the dell wireless cards and some routers - as miroslav also asked for - it would be great if you could give us more informations

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Other computers do not have this problem. This problem does occur when directly wired.

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You should make sure all your drivers are up to date before even starting to try to solve a problem that might be already solved by an update.

This link might help.


It automatically searches for the latest drivers updates for your hardware and offers to download.

You might want to have a look at Dell Support Center


I would have gone the extra mile, but you need to provide more information if you want more help.

Usually a good start is:

  • Hardware Model Details
  • Operating System
  • When was the last time it was working
  • When did you notice it started not working
  • What were you doing
  • Any info you think can be useful

Hope it helps.


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I had this same issue after upgrading the wireless drivers on my D630.

Download the latest wireless drivers from the Dell website, and then uninstall all the drivers and software associated with your wireless card.

When Windows comes back up, install the latest drivers you downloaded.

This should fix the problem.

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