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The HP Envy M6-1125dx is a 15.6-inch laptop computer manufactured by Hewlett-Packard as part of the Envy family of devices.

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How to reinstall window 8 on Hp Envy m6 Notebook

After trying to recover corrupted windows 8 OS on HP Envy M6 Notebook to no avail. So I took the Hard Drive out and formatted on a Toshiba laptop. I have replaced the Hard Drive back to the Hp. How to reinstall windows 8?

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Do you have the install media? If so just boot from it... Otherwise....

If you've got access to another PC, then it should be simple - source and download an ISO of Windows 8 and then Microsofts USB download tool.

Once you have the two, stick a 4gb+ USB stick onto your spare PC and use the tool to copy the ISO content to the USB stick and make it bootable.

Once done, you should be able to boot the laptop from the USB stick by holding down a function key during POST.

Just install to the now blank drive and put your licence key in when prompted.

You might need to download your network device drivers from HP on the second PC and put them on the USB stick to get the machine online (if Windows doesn't do that for you).

Then just download all the driver updates and patches to get the system up to date. HP might even provide a tool to install that will intelligently download the system updates you need.

Then when all done, make sure you shutdown properly and avoid corrupting it again.

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Hi ,

None of these will work, with the new UEFI locked out bios, and secure boot enabled, you need to access the bios (F10 on most HP Systems) go to boot settings, disable Secure boot and enable Legacy mode, you should then be able to reboot, hit F11 or F9 to get to boot device selection and then install your new OS.

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If the recovery partition on the original hard drive is still in one piece, for the laptop turn off and then turn turn on a few times. This will tell Windows 8/8.1 to start from the recovery partition. Choose "reset" or "refresh" and this will format and reinstall, or install over existing data, respectively.

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Just buy a dvd or if you have, put it in pc boot from it and install it simply!!! :)

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