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RAM Upgrade

I upgraded my MPB and my iMac late 2006 from 2x1GB (Samsung 1GB 2Rx8 which worked fast) to 3 GB (maximum for these macs) in replacing one RAM with a new Kingston MIMAC/2GB/53. I cannot feel an increase of speed in opening programs, starting my mac or else. Is there a correct sequence how to place the RAM? At the moment I have the 2GB at Bank0/Dimm0 and the 1GB at Bank1/Dimm1. Thanks for your help.



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An additional 1GB is probably not going to be something obviously noticeable, unless you use programs which specifically benefit from that amount of memory. A Mac with 2GB has enough breathing room to perform basic tasks adequately, so more memory does not provide an exponential performance gain as far as those things go. For instance, I have 7GB in my Mac Pro, and having that much RAM doesn't benefit me at all for basic tasks, but when I want to record 12 tracks of digital audio at once, I can, which I couldn't with 2GB. This isn't the perfect analogy, but it's kind of like having 15 gallons of gas in your tank instead of 5, i.e. it's there if you need it and beneficial if you drive a distance or decide to go 120MPH, but if you are just going to the grocery store and back it's not going to be obvious.

If you started with, say, 512MB, and went to 2 or 3GB, there would be a very noticeable difference, and that is because 512MB is a small enough amount of RAM that the system is suffocating, so to speak. Adding more RAM therefore frees it up to breathe naturally. But you've already got enough memory that it was never really hurting in the first place.

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You should be able to put up to 2GB in each slot totalling 4GB overall - not 3GB. I don't think you will really notice the results that much but you could do some benchmark tests and see if there is a performance increase. It is also recommended that you put the same type and size of ram in each slot to make the computer run more efficiently. Just in case you should also check to see that the RAM has been recognised - Go to the Apple menu and click about this mac...

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I am about to bring my ram up to 6 from 4 but I want to test before and after. What are the best benchmark programs to test performance issues like we hope to see? The 1TB SSD we installed made a huge difference so this is about the last step before having to finally replace my 17" MBP model 1261; but maybe this will do all I will ever need. After all, it IS 9 years old!


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