Unable to install Win-7

I formatted a 300gb SATA hard drive from another Win-Computer.

Then, I set the DVD/CD to be booting device and then, tried to install Win-7 from original MS Win-7 CD.

After loading files and accepting the terms, it copied the files. But, it would not allow me to proceed with 'Expanding Files' and gives me an error '0x80070570'.

My processor is 64 bit. I tried both 32bit as well as 64 bit CDs. Both the installation attempts gave me same error.

I also have downloaded .iso file. But, don't know how can I use it.

How can I Fresh Install Win-7 on this newly formatted hard drive? Any suggestions?

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Sharad SONDE, try this "When you see the error "0x80070570 can't access files" on install, cancel the install which returns you to the "install now" screen, then with NO REBOOT then just click install again" for more info, check on here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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