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Guides and repair information for Electrolux vacuums.

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How can I revive a cordless Electrolux stickvac?

I own an Electrolux,Pronto 2in1 cordless vacuum,after one year of occasional use, the suction is very poor and it doesn't last very long.

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Cenzo, your Pronto relies heavily on the battery, even for suction. Since it does not " last very long" it is possible that it does no longer take a full charge. I suggest that you start with a new battery first. Also, this make and model had a recall on the batteries:"

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

Name of product: Ergorapido, Pronto and Precision Vacuums

Units: About 320,000

Distributor: Electrolux Home Care Products Inc., of Bloomington, Ill.

Hazard: The vacuum's battery can expand and burst, posing a risk of injury to the user and bystanders.

Incidents/Injuries: Electrolux has received 34 reports of incidents in the U.S. involving damage to the vacuum and surrounding property. There have been two reports of minor injuries, including swollen hands and irritation to the eyes from contact with battery powder.

Description: This recall involves 2-in-1 cordless stick vacuums with a detachable hand vacuum and free-standing charger. Units involved in the recall have 9.6-volts printed on a serial plate on the underside of the handheld unit, and the following serial numbers: 074000001 through 085100001 and 74000001 through 85100001.

EL1000A - Pronto

EL1000B - Pronto

EL1000BX - Pronto

EL1000BZ - Pronto

PE1000B - Precision

EL1005A - Ergorapido

EL1006A - Ergorapido

So, be careful with the battery and make sure that you replace it with a safe one. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Don't bother calling Electrolux for a replacement. The only two options they offered were to buy a new vacuum with $30 taken off the price or "get rid of the recalled vacuum" that has a battery hazard!


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You can replace them if you're inclined. I put in higher performance cells and get twice the power time. It's now better than new.

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I used a heavy gauge wire and soldered them together so they all fit in their little spaces. I recommend to keep fitting the cover as you go along because it can be difficult to screw it back together if not. Take your time and double check everything twice, because if you short out one of those cells, you just will feel bad if it explodes. I've been using it for 14 months and have yet to drain the batteries. Best hand vac I ever used now.


I used it for 6 hours as a hand held vac and the motor pitch seemed to never change


Can I send mine to you to fix?


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I just re-powered an Ergorapido with a 2200mAh LIPO battery, like ones used in drones and RC cars, and it works great. My unit had NiMH (metal hydride) batteries in it and the original charger circuit for those batteries was definitely lacking. The newer models of the Ergorapido use Li-Ion batteries and should be better. Don't get the one with NiMH batteries.

My original problem with the vac was anemic performance. For what it's worth I believe the original problem on my unit was caused by a defective power pack. If you see the blue "charge" lights blinking on and off a lot then you may have this problem. Get a correct replacement power pack from Electrolux to avoid battery damage or worse.

Li-Ion batteries are very sensitive to charge/discharge and can be dangerous if not done properly. To use the LIPO battery pack I had to add a "Protection board" to the vac that manages charge and discharge rates and levels. It was a lot of work to shoehorn everything in the vac body and there were fairly extensive wiring changes in both the vac and sweeper body.

If you look on Youtube you'll find videos of people who have taken a simpler approach for using a LIPO pack in the Electrolux stick vacs. They cut a small hole in the vac body to expose the balance charge connector of the battery pack and just buy a balance charger to plug into that connector.

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Isn't that hazardous??? Be careful, ok/


The blinking on the stick is on purpose. It is there to give the battery a "bump charge" for about 2 seconds every minute. This keeps the battery "up" while NOT keeping the battery on constant charge. It's the correct way to charge the original battery. It is NOT a sign of a defect! As for the originals, yes, they are not the best. With someone being handy, these can be carefully upgraded and then you'll have a real rug buster! The new lithium models definitely work better. Battery charging is quite specific and when done casually or carelessly, whether through factory design or not, they can go bad quickly. Very specific charging procedures are required for battery charging, ANY type battery. If you can find a way to improve these models, run with it! It's not complicated. Lead on!


The blinking was erratic and not at a discernible interval. The unit is still working well now that it's been re-powered. Unfortunately, the fix was too complicated to document here.


The LiPo battery lasted two years. I just replaced it and the vacuum is once again running good as new.


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Anyone know which connectors on the rear of my Ergorapido EL 1014 are plus/minus for the charger?

I don't have a docking cradle and wish to test the unit before investing in a dock.



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Looking at the back of unit with the connectors facing you, the left contact is positive. You can confirm this if you have a voltmeter.

Do you have the original power pack?


Thanks, jdm! This helped. I have since obtained a cradle and wired it to an aftermarket charger, and it seems to work perfectly!


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I sucked it up and ordered replacement handle for my 1063A. The new one says it is good for all 1000 series, but is a 1014. When I put it in the charger it turns on and stays on. I’m trying to figure out whether there is a wiring difference or a a way to charge it outside of the base charger. Any help will be appreciated.

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