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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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MAC MINI will not power on after HD upgrade

I performed the dual HD upgrade to my MAC MINI late 2012. using the instructions, and the iFixit kit. The MAC MINI will not power on at all. I checked to make sure that I connected the power cable correctly. I have taken it apart and put it back together 2 more times. Nothing. I am an electrical engineer with 25 yrs experience and I have built many computers over the years, I was very careful, I am very surprised at the result. It just will not power on.

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Did you try it without the HD connected?


THank you for your response. No, I can try that. The replacement HD(s) are Crucial 512GB SSDs. I Copied the stock Mac 1TB spinning drive using CCC to clone the system to one of the 512s. Then I test booted the 512 in the Firewire external chassis. I will have to take the fan off to disconnect the HD's from the logic board. I know the HDs are good. I formatted the other one HFS+. I have both drives installed. I will try disconnecting the HDs, but I am probably going to restore the unit to it's original 1Tb HD config and try that. If it still does not work them I will ship it back to Apple. Needless to say I am less than Happy. It's a brand new unit.


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OK, I think I see your problem here. You imply you are setting up two SSD's within the system. Is that correct? If so I have some bad news for you, the EFI and OS-X currently doesn't support dual SSD's.


As to your config I would recommend setup up a Fusion drive with the HD & SSD and give that a try. That way you'll gain the best performance for both booting and small length recording.

As for long recording at full depth (over sampling) then you'll need an external 4 disk RAID array using the fastest I/O the system offers. In this case you have a ThunderBolt port on your mini which should do here. I would setup two partitions on the raid set, the first a scratch space to record and the second the location to store recordings for edit. Keep the scratch as empty as possible so it stays contiguous.

As to SSD's sorry to say the current SSD's are not the ideal storage for video or sound recording. While they are fast in retrieval they are not as fast as disk drives (RAIDED) in recording. Besides, the constant churning of data will wear them unlike a disk solution. You will still need to manage your disks making sure to wipe them down (unlike defragmentation of a single disk which you can use a application to clean up, you need to delete all the files fully on the RAIDED disks).

The new Mac Pro coming out sometime next month maybe a better solution if you want a SSD solution. But even with it I would use RAIDED disks to hold the recordings.

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Thank you Dan. I can see you are right. As I disconnected the second drive, and now the Mac will turn on power. I will have to do some searching, because I believe I saw someone that had two SSDs. I want to use the Mac mini to record audio. The 1TB spinning drive runs at 5,400rpm. The SSDs are faster, at 7,200rpm. It is also best to record audio to a second drive, not your boot drive. So I guess my only config that I can do is 1TB slow as boot, 1 SSD as data. Will that work?


Ok, I went back add did some more research. I see folks out there that have two SSDs. Maybe my two 512 GB SSDs want too much power. Now I also see people with problems having 1 spinning and 1 SSD in a system. If that is true than basically two hard drives in a mac mini is not worth the effort. My application, audio recording is best served with two fast drives. one for boot, one for data. It is disappointing that I will have to resort to just 1 internal 512 GB SSD.


No, its not a power issue here in either case with two SSD's or two disk drives, or a mix pair.


I have over 50 of these mini's most are now setup with a SSD & HD and I have a few dual drive setups as well. Most are the 2011 version when we first deployed them to the field and we've had great success with them.


Most people who have had problems (in this blog) tended to be heavy handed in forcing things damaging the system in the process, or tried using the incorrect part SSD or HD. These is no issue when using the correct part(s) and using care in installing.


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