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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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750Gb HDD plus 240Gb SSD Upgrade as Second Drive

Hi, I have 2012 MBP i7 2.9Ghz turbo upto 3.6Ghz with 16Gb ram that I have already upgraded and now I'm looking forward to upgrade the SSD.

Since optical bay on 2012 MBP has Sata III with 6Gb/s so I was hoping to retain my 750Gb hdd as where it is right now and minimising the workload of course and simply take install a new SSD on the optical bay which would host the OS and the softwares to get the best performance, while the HDD can retain all of my files and more.

Anyone tried that before? I've gotten over dozen mixed help pointers.

- Some say you can only boot from the main drive and not optical drive? Anyone?

- Guide to transfer OS from HDD to SSD?

Appreciate anyone who helps.


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Depending on the model series you could have encountered issues as the first optical drives were PATA which is a slower interface than SATA, It also had issues with booting when you put a converter and SATA SSD. Even the newer SATA optical drives didn't have the fastest interface as the interrupt level was lower than the HD's SATA port. These are the issues you likely read about.

As for the newest MBP model it still has an lower interrupt SATA port for the optical drive so it is slower. With that said I would recommend switching the drives around so the SSD was using the HD's SATA port if you go that route. The only risk here is the HD's anti-bounce logic is part of the logic board so you do run the risk of damaging your HD if you bang your system.

To be frank here, I don't recommend the dual drive setup in the newer MBP's as the current hybrid drives are a better solution. Seagate offers a nice unit.

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