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Battery Change problem - iPhone in Recovery mode

Hi guys,

i followed the step-by-step guide to change the battery of my iPhone 5. I did everything as said but after changing the battery my iPhone can't be switched on again (without connecting the power). I assume something with the battery or battery connection is wrong. After connecting it to a power source it says "connect to iTunes". iTunes however says that it has discovered an iPhone in recovery mode which has to be restored. After I restore it iTunes says that it has to show up on the left but it only says "iPhone detected in recovery mode" after 5 seconds after the restore. Although it has obviously a problem with restoring it doesn't say "recovery error".

I also changed the battery back to the original one but the problem still exist.

Do you have an idea what to do? I don't want to give up that easy and buys new one.

Thanks so far!


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iOS System Recovery and iOS System Recovery for Mac allows you to fix iPhone stuck in recovery loop/recovery mode/white Apple logo screen/black screen and so on with a click, ever after updating to the latest iOS 10/9.3.3.


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Try putting the iPhone in dfu mode... Do this buy holding the power button for 3 seconds then keeping your finger on the power button put your other finger on the home button and hold for 10 seconds then realise the finger off the power button and continue holding the home button for 15 seconds then your pc should make a connection noise then try restoring :)

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Hi Pat,

This is not something to worried about.

All you have to do is to exit recovery mode with this

1. Download Recboot

2. Extract > Open folder > EXIT.

There we go, now your iPhone will exit from recovery mode. If you have any issue contact me : @kksilvery.



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i had this once before, it turned out to be pry damage from removing the battery when prying it whit a spudger from the logic' boards side. A little chip broke of which caused the iPhone do to a successful restore, but after reboot it asks for iTunes recovery.

more info can be found here, check if your chips are not damaged.

Broke off small jumpers when prying battery out of iPhone..



Unfortunately for me, the only solution was to change the logic board.

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i had the same case once

it was caused by pry damage from removing the battery (when prying from the logic board towards te battery -> this is a NO NO )

more info can be found here: check if your chips are not damaged or missing, they are VERY smal

iPhone stuck in Recovery mode after Battery replacement..

look at the reply from jessabethany

my solution was to replace the logic board

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