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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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Run it without the cover

Hi guys, I already own this baby and I'm trying to run it without the cover but there seems to be some "invisible" sensor somewhere. Were you able to figure out how the cover sensor works?

Thank you,


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It isn't recommended you do so, but if you want to, hold a magnet approx. 1 inch to the right of the power button. As soon as you remove the magnet, the computer will power off immediately.

Do so at your own risk! I do not recommend it!

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Hi! I just got my Mac Pro late 2013 in Apple Authorized Service. The guy from the store said he did this on my machine. Now it won’t works anymore. Should it be the cause? I can't understand why he did this.

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Take it back in and ask him.


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