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How to fix the seventh generation of Honda's compact car.

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Where do I put the transmission fluid

Where do I pour transmission fluid

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Under the hood, move to the passenger side of the car. There should be a big black plastic box with a large tube going down next to the battery. This big box may need to be removed, depending on how much of a ninja you are. Either way, the transmission dip stick is located behind the box, as viewed looking from the front of the vehicle. The dipstick has a yellow handle.

NOTE: If you need to check the transmission fluid level, please note that Hondas are different from most other cars. While you must warm up the drivetrain (the transmission in particular) before checking the fluid in most cars, Honda vehicles are different because the engine should be shut off when checking the level.

To add fluid, "simply" pour fluid down the dipstick tube. You may need to tape a piece of hose to the bottom of a funnel to reach the dipstick tube. Go slow and steady.

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How and where do I put transmission fluid into a 2001 honda civic ex?

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