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Changing a bulb in the headlights of a 2008 Kia Sportage?

Need to take out the whole headlight unit out and how

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David Simon, follow this

Block Image

Block Image

to remove the assembly

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Most modern headlight assemblies are removed by taking off nuts in the back of the assembly. First disconnect the battery ground terminal. Then look behind the headlight assembly in question and look for threaded black colored metal posts with nuts on them. The post ends will look like a TORX screwdriver. They're built that way so that at the factory the assembly machine/person can drive the post into the plastic headlight assembly, and then insert the assembly and fasten the assembly with a plain nut. The nut is probably somewhere between a 10 and 12 mm. Be cautious of the wiring harness that powers the light, as usually there are several wires possibly in different locations on the assembly, so don't be too aggressive as you remove the assembly, as not only are there multiple wires, but you also may have missed a fastener. There is also a chance that you may only be able to see the nuts through holes in the headlight assembly bulkhead. Those headlight assembly bulkheads are part of the crumple zone designed into the front end, so that's why the fasteners are a bear to get to.

Let me know how it works out for you.

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