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Water Damage Blocking my iPhone

About a week ago I dropped my iPhone in my dishwasher at work. It landed in a pool of hot water, It must have been in there for 20 seconds as I couldn't get it with my hands because the water was so hot. Eventually we fished it out and I have been drying it out for the past 3 days. I turned it on after 5 days and it gave me the Apple logo to start up and then shut down and kept restarting and failing to get past the Apple logo..

Any Help?


Done this and now iPhone works fine thanks!

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great that it works again


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as richdave mentioned, disassemble it, clean it with ipa ant a soft paintbrush. look out for white/greenish stuff and burnt contacts. after you cleaned it - let it dry. reassemble it and try to start it again

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probably still got moisture in it, you should disassemble and check that no residue is present on boards etc and clean as necessary then dry again before reassembly

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